Two Theros video drafts

(If you want to know where this is coming from, checkout my extensive analysis articles on Theros draft:
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It took some time due to technical reasons (meaning, my stark incompetence), but I now present my first two Theros video drafts! (I see your surprise is somehow lessened after reading the title of this entry.) A few disclaimers are in order, though:

1. I am aware that the language in which I try to express myself only bears a passing resemblance to English. I apologize for this, but I cannot help it.

2. I also know that the technical quality of these videos is quite low. I guess that is somehow related to the fact that I do not really have a clue how to do this stuff. (However, if they seem really blurry, you just need to wait a few moments until the issue sorts out itself.)

3. I am not that great a player. While of course my strong drafting and deckbuilding skills by necessity go with a sound understanding of general play dynamics, I am irritatingly prone to oversights, and I cannot plan ahead the way really good players are able to.

With that out of the way, here are those two drafts, which I believe are quite interesting and instructive:

Draft 1 – Drafting & Deckbuilding

Draft 1 – 1st Round

Draft 2 – Drafting & Deckbuilding

Draft 2 – 1st Round

Draft 2 – 2nd Round

Draft 2 – 3rd Round

I tentatively plan to publish another draft video every week or so. I found out that producing and uploading such videos takes a LOT more time than I had guessed, so this is already kinda ambitious.

If you have any feedback, please come back to this entry and post it here! I’ve disabled YouTube comments, because I’m not a fan of splitting a discussion over several places.

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13 Gedanken zu „Two Theros video drafts

  1. Hinterland sagt:

    Check mal die Kreaturentypen vom Fanatic, oder lies den letzen Frank Karsten Artikel. Noob.

  2. Jashin sagt:

    In hindsight you probably wish you had taken the 2nd singer over the third speaker…
    Anyway, two very nice decks you drafted there.

    • Zeromant sagt:

      Actually – no! The deck simply didn’t NEED the Singer. It DID need a couple of strong 2-drops, and it also DID need the multiple options to scry. Shipwreck Singer instead of Omenspeaker in my opnening hand might have lost me several games. The Singer is at its best in situations which come up in Theros draft less often than in most other environments. I’d stil run it if I had it, but in the end it is a replacable lategame card – like a big flyer – while Omenspeaker is essential.

      • Jashin sagt:

        I meant the third Omenspeaker, after that you would have had the chance to pick the fourth above the Phalanx. Or are you saying Phalanx is better than Singer?

        • Zeromant sagt:

          I’m saying the deck needs it more. Once I’m at the point where I can win with the Singer, I can probably also win without it. Getting to that point is paramount, and this is what my four good 2-drops help me to do.

  3. sdf sagt:

    da wäre doch fast für einen Tag ein anderer Autor „oben“ angezeigt worden… puh, war knapp. Ich frage mich, ob du nicht über diesen Weg (, einfach deine damalige Entscheidung, eine breite Kommentarfunktion zu einen blogs zu sperren rückgängig machen willst? Wenn die Frequenz konstant bleibt, schreckst du andere Blogger mit Sicherheit ab. welcome to … or even better: since you blog in English

  4. HanHeinrich sagt:

    Statistic validation of a lot of the points you made in your Theros draft metagame analysis:

    • Zeromant sagt:

      I read that, but I’m not happy at all with it. There are so many problems with both the presented data and its interpretation that I could go on spamming MagicBlogs for weeks discussing them all.

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