Two more Theros Video Drafts

This entry will conclude my series of articles and videos about Theros draft. Initially I intended to keep posting draft videos on a weekly basis or so, but I found the ratio between effort and feedback unsatisfying. Thus I’ll wrap things up with two more quite instructive drafts while the format is still somehow young. I won’t miss doing these videos much – I mostly felt the urgent need to correct all those terrible misconceptions you still find everywhere on the net (no wonder if the typical published draft video is several weeks old!) and only got into producing draft videos because I honestly thought there would be a lot of interest in them (I was asked on twitter a couple of times if I did video drafts), since they show how my theories about this environment affect my draft decisions and translate into actual success. If there isn’t really that much interest, I do not feel compelled to go on with them. (Those people who believe that MagicBlogs is a more appealing site if it is mostly void of content may rejoice!)

I am happy, though, that I gave the minority who is seriously interested in improving their draft skills the chance to do so. If you missed them, here are all my other entries related to Theros draft:

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Two Theros Video Drafts

And here are my newest two draft videos. Again, if the videos are blurry at first, just wait a few seconds; my English is still terrible; and my decks are still a lot stronger than their pilot:

Theros Draft 3 – Drafting & Deckbuilding
Theros Draft 3 – 1st Round
Theros Draft 3 – 2nd Round
Theros Draft 3 – 3rd Round
Theros Draft 4 – Drafting & Deckbuilding
Theros Draft 4 – 1st Round
Theros Draft 4 – 2nd Round
Theros Draft 4 – 3rd Round

I’ll be back when I again feel the urge to talk about something Magic-related. Until then!

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10 Gedanken zu „Two more Theros Video Drafts

  1. Jashin sagt:

    Two nice decks you drafted there.
    But what’s going on on the beginnings and ends of your videos? Is that you’re kind of humor?

  2. Danny sagt:

    Nette Drafts, gerne mehr davon.

    Draft 4, Game 1:

    Bevor du Burnished Heart übernimmst, redest du noch davon, dass, wenn du Land ziehst, du das Heart selber opfern kannst. Dann spielst du Portent und siehst das fehlende Land oben, dass du mit Emissary ziehen wirst, und spielst dann trotzdem den 2. Dragon Mantle in sein Pharika’s Cure…

  3. Danny sagt:

    Draft 3, Match 3, Game 1:

    statt Vaporkin zu legen hättest du die Nemesis monstrous machen können und dann schon ab dem nächsten Zug angreifen, aber da dein Gegner das Titan’s Strength wohl schon auf der Hand hatte, hätte es wohl keinen Unterschied gemacht.

    • Zeromant sagt:

      Ich wollte lieber durch die Luft angreifen und den Boden zumachen. Die Nemesis kann er schließlich mit tausend Dingen chumpen (muss er aber nicht mal, er kann sie auch einfach durchlassen), und die Runde danach hält der Fanatic sie ja wieder auf.

  4. Zeromant sagt:

    Okay, help me out here: I can see that my videos showing the drafts themselves get vastly more clicks than those showing the games. Is that because you are just not as interested in the games as you are in the drafts, or do you open the draft videos more often for some reason?

    • Jashin sagt:

      While I watched all videos (and opened each only once), I’m far more interested in your thought process during the draft than in seeing what happens afterwards.
      But I always liked building with LEGO more than playing with it anyways…^^

    • Jørn sagt:

      I saw all of them, but I only focused on the draft, while the games were more or less background noise. I think that makes sense: You made these videos to show your theory on Theros draft, which is interesting. Then we see a confessed non-good player play, which is far less interesting – although the games certainly help validate the draft.

      I would not be surprised to see similar numbers (or at least simliar draft-viewers to game-viewers ratios) for the more established players.

  5. Tormod sagt:

    As Jørn stated, for myself I can only say that also for other Players I often don’t watch all the games – this is also a time issue, you usually don’t get paid for watching drafts 😉
    To get an brief overview about how the deck wins or loses what I often do is to watch only the last match.

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