I’ve Been Busy Elsewhere

My activity on 00zero has become very sparse lately, and while I’m certain this will change again some time, I feel no immediate pressure – that was the whole point of closing down Zeromagic and starting over at MagicBlogs, as you might remember.

However, just in case that you didn’t notice that I have been publishing Magic-related content elsewhere in the meanwhile, I wanted to assure you that I’m still alive, and link to those articles and videos! They’re in German, though, so if you’re one of my few (but existing) international readers unable to understand German, you might be disappointed – sorry!

All of these articles have appeared on Magic Universe.

Firstly, I wrote a three-part draft preview of Born of the Gods, where I discussed in great detail the dynamics of that environment. While some of my early card evaluations naturally were a little off the mark, I still believe that this series is a great place to start if you want to understand how to draft succesfully with this block.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Then I recorded two videos of drafts in that format, which turned out to be very instructive. I dubbed over my commentation afterwards to make sure that I could deliver a maximum of analysis.

Draft 1

Draft 2

Lastly (so far), there is another small draft preview series – only two parts this time – for Journey into Nyx. I tried to get a grasp of how the new set would change the dynamics of the environment, but found myself asking questions more than I could deliver answers. However, asking the right questions is an important first step of every analysis, and I made sure to really think about every single card before writing my statement about it, so I think these articles are a good read anyway, especially if you want to start a little ahead of the competition when exploring the new draft metagame.

Part 1

Part 2

As far as I can see, it is really likely that if I write about Magic over the next months, it will be in German and get published on Magic Universe (there might be the odd exception or two, though, if a topic isn’t suited for that site). Barring language issues, I hope you will follow my efforts there!

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2 Gedanken zu „I’ve Been Busy Elsewhere

  1. HanHeinrich sagt:

    Hi Andi,

    I would like to take the chance to say Thank You.

    So far I would have seen myself as a mediocre limited player at best, who does not really like limited formats a lot. And as I am also a player who really needs to „learn“ a limited environment, that was always kind of difficult with only playing a handful of Sealeds and Drafts.
    I tried to learn from draft videos but as you so aptly said – most of vids you can find on the net are not necessarily helpful, even (or especially ?) if they are by famous pro players.
    But I was really able to learn a lot from your in-depth-analysis and the insightful commentary in your draft walkthroughs and videos.
    In the last two limited tournaments I played I went 9th place (Sealed PTQ in Berlin) and 5-0 (in the „Journey into Nyx“ Prerelease). And even taking into account positive variance I can say with conviction that I have never felt that comfortable within a limited environment and I have the feeling that I really do „get it“ what Theros Block Limited is about. And I am convinced that without your articles in particular I could not have done that.
    [By the way I played aggressive decks in both tournament: WR in the PTQ and WU in the Prerelease]

    So thanks for the really well prepared material and the concise reasoning and comprehensible arguments.

    And now I’m going to devour your Nyx-Reviews at Magic Universe.



  2. knuffel sagt:

    Danke für den Hinweis, jetzt fühle ich mich besser auf Warschau vorbereitet! 🙂
    Unglaublich, dass du dir echt die Mühe gemacht hast, jede Karte einzeln zu besprechen. Manche schätze ich anders ein, wie zum Beispiel den Seestern, aber im Großen und Ganzen sind deine Gedanken eine echte Hilfe.
    Mehr davon!

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