Fixing Old Cards: Arabian Nights Red

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Due to the positive feedback for this series (yes, that really makes all the difference!), I will keep it up at least a little longer. However, I am considering a more fundamental change to my blogging activities which would affect fixing cards as well, but that is still in the earliest phase of consideration.

Ali from Cairo

Ali from Cairo Original

So, what we have here is an especially terrible card name, even if you accept that it references a literal figure from an earth-based story. It just means „an Ali from the story who is not Ali Baba, and about whom we do not know enough to differentiate him other than by mentioning that he stems from Cairo, which Ali Baba doesn’t, as you should realize now if you weren’t aware of it before“.

The card is supposed to play up the fact that this Ali had been rather fortunate in his life, although skimming over the story I did not find a situation where he had a near escape from death, just that he was a very successful merchant who started out with nothing (but pretended to be rich), borrowing some money and making enough profit with that to pay back his loans easily soon, while building up his business.

Thus, this card’s ability fails on all fronts: It does not really describe the character it portrays; it actually does not even protect Ali himself, but the player; and it has no business being in Red at all (it’s clearly white, as you can see on Worship). Oh, and then I’m not a fan of that kind of ability in general…

When I redid Ali’s design, I had in mind that he was a merchant, and that he also was a bit of a trickster, able to turn a bad situation he was in into a favorable one for him. I found a fitting quote in the story, and it all came together.

My design:

Ali from Cairo

Desert Nomads

Desert Nomads Original

When I had first thought about that card, I had just assumed I would give it protection from lands or something similar, since referencing a single card is just too narrow a design (and no modern expansion would feature any utility land at a rarity more frequent than common anymore). But then I created my version of Desert – and protection does not even help against that! Well, I had put myself into a bind there, and needed to find a different way to counter that land’s effect on these nomads. As it turned out, the simplest solution worked well enough. Note that I consciously forewent any kind of landwalk, which is a problematic ability in limited (that’s not to say it’s great in constructed).

My design:

Desert Nomads

Ydwen Efreet

Ydwen Efreet Original

This card is named after a friend of Richard Garfield, Wendy, who married another friend of him, Jamie – so now you also know where the name Mijae Djinn comes from!

I do not like the following things about this design: First of all, the coin flip, which I not only despise in general but is also especially problematic here because of timing issues. Then, the ability is kinda irrelevant, since red decks will gladly just attack with their 3/6 creature for three mana. I’m also not a fan of triple-mana costs unless there is a good reason for them, which I do not spot here.

I decided to stay away from a design aimed at constructed, and instead create a card which would play interestingly in limited. My version of the Efreet actually even entices you to leave it back on blocking duty – of course, it might get bounced, but if that doesn’t happen (and chances are good that it won’t), your opponent just attacked into a 3/6 blocker. Still, the ability is a real disadvantage, especially when playing against evasion creatures, but then again, the stats of my version are still a bit over the curve in limited, so he should be worth the risk.

My design:

Ydwen Efreet

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3 Gedanken zu „Fixing Old Cards: Arabian Nights Red

  1. Simon sagt:

    After being on holiday for a month, I’m finally back to comment on your series 🙂

    I like your Ali from Cairo, especially after reading about the lore (being lucky) its a perfect fit. And it’s in reds color pie!

    Also like the ability on Ydwen Efreet – do you risk attacking into a 3/6 with several creatures, hoping he reveal a land?

  2. Baervon sagt:

    Ali is great and I like Ydwen Efreet too, especialy because Mikae Djinn could be fixed the same way 6/3 for 2RR and it triggers when it attacks or even if you declare one or more attackers, wether Djinn attacks or not.
    This easteregg about his friends is pretty cute and I somehow even like the references to the „real world“ you are writing about that I didn’t know before.

  3. jashinc sagt:

    What I don’t like about the Efreet is if you are attacking with it your opponent might counterattack and bounce it which is quite the tempo-swing.
    In my opinion it should only be bounced if it is untapped aka on blocking duty…

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