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Zeromagic is active again



My first entry after almost three years on Zeromagic has just gone online, comments are reenabled, and everything should be working again the way it’s supposed to! This means I will no longer blog in English on 00zero – time will tell if I find reasons to blog about Magic in German again, which I would still do here. (I explained my motivation for this change in my last entry, in its second part, written in German.) If you’re interested in my English Magic content, please follow me to my new old blog!

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I explained a couple of times during the last few years that the desire to write stems from internal as well as external motivations, and the latter are right now at an all-time low, with the former no longer making up for it. I don’t get paid to blog, obviously, and I get very little feedback lately. So why should I keep going? Right now, I do not have a good answer for that. It is entirely possible that this will change again, maybe even sooner than later, but at the moment I just do not feel like putting any time into typing stuff which seemingly no one is interested in.

I concede that not everything I write is of general interest, but that is the prerogative of (non-commercial) bloggers. However, I was rather surprised that no one was willing to chime in on the discussion of Magic Online bots. Aren’t you drafting on MTGO, too? Do you not sell many of (if not all) your drafted cards to recoup your losses (or bolster your profits if you’re especially succesful), like I do? Are you not either happy to read other people’s recommendations here, or willing to provide some yourself, or maybe both?

Apparently you are not. I said it before, but I wasn’t aware just how completely I was right: There is no German community for „serious“ players anymore. Ormus has proven that you can get a gazillion of comments if you ask a question which is as impossibly to answer incorrectly as it is futile to discuss (and throw in something for free), but that is as far away from Magic-related topics which are of interest to me as it gets. I am, as before, very interested in drafting, including designing Next Level Cubes, quite a little less in Sealed, moderately interested in constructed formats (albeit only from a spectator’s point of view again), and extremely interested in what might still be called community issues. On the other hand, I really do not care about commander, unwrittten-rules casual, shiny foils and gimmicky accessoires. All in all, what is still left of the German Magic community has drifted far way from me. We just do not care even remotely about the same things anymore.

To those very few who still do, my apologies, but I am not beholden to anyone for anything anymore. After all, blogging is still a hobby, and hobbies are supposed to be fun. During times when they aren’t, an enthusiastic community can keep you going until that fun returns, but I’m on my own here, and I am not having fun right now. Thus, I am putting this blog on indefinite hiatus, neither ruling out that I will return in a few weeks or even earlier, nor that I never will.

I have another blog which needs my attention badly, but 00ZERO has somehow managed to consistently claim priority, probably because Magic is on my mind constantly. I hope this will change when I stop blogging about it, though. That blog is Ein Platz für Andi (it’s in German, obviously), and you should find me there a lot more often in the future. I hope.

To not conclude this entry without any real Magic content, here are two more 3-0 Battle for Zendikar draft decks. Tournament wins are rare for me in this format – I go 2-1  about 80% of the time. This time, the two decks which made it are both devoid-based, but that does not mean anything, since I draft all kinds of different decks and typically my lost matches are due to stark mana issues (to be fair, that is also true for many of my wins). I do not believe that any archetypes in this format are flat-out stronger than others, because their power is largely determined by booster contents and unpredictable draft dynamics. Do your best to position yourself well, hope that the cards which get to you are the ones you need, and have a backup plan to salvage your draft as much as possible in case they don’t.

Until whenever.



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