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A Joke

I once read a joke I want to share with you:

A Scot, who had been abroad for half a year, returns to his home village and meets a friend. After a bit of small talk, he inquires:

„Say, Rob, I heard you married a couple months ago? How’s that goin‘ for you, lad?“

„So-so“, the other responds. „Don’t get me wrong, she’s a sweet lass for sure – but all she does is talk about money! She wants money for this, money for that, for cooking, clothes, shoes, bus tickets… all the time, every day of the week… she’s practically been buggin‘ me constantly since the first day of our marriage!“

„That must be annoying“, empathises his friend. „So, how much do you give her?“

„Well – so far, nothing.“

(I would have preferred to link to or at least quote an online version of this joke, but I was unable to find it, so I had to recreate it as best I could. My heartfelt apologies to every native English speaker for my awkward attempt to tell a joke in that language, and doubly so to all people from Scotland!)

In case you didn’t get the morale: Do not expect me to stop complaining about everything Magic anytime soon, unless things actually improve a lot. It would only mean I stopped caring.

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