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Fixing Old Cards: The Power Nine

Since the first part of this series has been met with moderate interest (read it if you want to know what this is about), I felt motivated enough to do a second, greatly improving the chances that this will actually develop into a series.

This time, I will take a look at the Power Nine.


The blue cards

Image.ashx Image2.ashx Image3.ashx


Here Wizards have already done what needed to be done and created fixed version of these cards, which I am completely fine with:

Image4.ashx Image5.ashx Image6.ashx


The Moxes

Image7.ashx Image8.ashx

Image9.ashx Image10.ashx



Again, Wizards have already fixed those cards:

Image12.ashx Image13.ashx

Image14.ashx Image15.ashx



While this cycle is okay, I believe that with modern design technology we can do better. There are two aspects I want to improve:

1. The Diamonds feel just a little too slow to convey the vibe of jolting your mana which the Moxes were aiming for. There is still room for upgrading them, as the strictly superior Coldsteel Heart shows – they offer no bonus for locking you into getting a specific color from the beginning.

2. I like to tie them closer to their colors. Especially in limited, the Diamonds may get used off-color just for ramping, and because of that very extra ramping utility they might also be used to splash colors with little cost. I’d prefer them to be in-color picks. On the other hand, closer color ties allow for pushing them a little more with regard to the first aspect.


Therefore, my designs are aimed at providing efficient in-color ramp:

Mox Emerald

Mox Jet

Mox Pearl

Mox Ruby

Mox Sapphire


Black Lotus



Here, Wizards have printed several variants of this card’s original design, but none of those really capture its initial function. For example:

Image18.ashx Image19.ashx Image20.ashx


My design:

Black Lotus

(Yes, I upgraded the „of any one color“ part, because I feel that the option to mix colors fits the flavor better. Then again, I am not responsible for designing the Magic Online interface for this card where you would have to choose between 35 possible combinations…)

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